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Meet The Artist



Welcome to my website. I am here to share a little bit about me in the hope that you can form a connection with my style of work.

I am 67 years young, a proud mom and an adoring grandmother.  


I have spent my lifetime exploring both myself and the world around me. My art is a display of these experiences.


My world comes together through the pieces that I create and many of my experiences, from the waves of the Pacific Ocean in Encinitas California to the fine Japanese paper I was introduced to in Asia.


The process is very meditative for me, and my goal is to provide the viewer with a sense of peace and calmness as well. 

I have always been drawn to a specific architectural aesthetic which is a theme carried through each piece. I aim to achieve a lived-in modern feel, working with muted colours, raw materials and playing with light and shadow. The pieces are timeless and are intended to set a mood for a room.  

Each piece is made with love. I have a relationship with each of my clients and that connection bolsters the thought and care that goes into each piece.  Always a joyful adventure.

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